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      Cashmere family is one of the largest cashmere and baby cashmere manufacturers in China. Cashmere raw material is collected from the Tibet, Inner Mongolia in the alpine region, which is the world's best cashmere. The cashmere that reaches Cashmere Family ‘s quality standards of excellence is then transformed into superior quality yarns, fabrics,accessories, garments and knitwear, all of which is produced through a combination of sophisticated technology, a profound knowledge of textiles and a lifelong commitment to achieving the highest possible quality in the final product.



      Linen is one of the earliest natural fiber, also is the world's oldest textile fiber for human. It has a history of more than ten thousand years. Because of its natural, simplicity, rare, natural, it is known as "queen of the natural fiber".Linen has many excellent properties. As the raw material of the fabric, Linen has good health care function and unique bacteriostatic action. It can send out a faint fragrance. Experts believe the smell can kill many bacteria, and can inhibit the growth of a variety of parasites. The ancient Egyptian pharaoh's mummy which is wrapped by strong linen can be preserved intact.



      Baby cashmere is an extremely rare and precious fibre conclusively obtained from the under fleece of Haircuts goat kidsThe fibre is gathered by means of a delicate and completely harmless combing procedure that is only done once is a goat’s life,between three and twelve months old.Baby Cashmere,deriving from the mountainous regions of Mongolia and Northern China is available in extremely limited quantities:one kid produces no more than 80 grams of this soft down (against the approximately 250 grams produced by an adult) which,after Dearing coarser outer fibres, is reduced to only 30-40 grams that are usable:it takes the fleece of 19 kids to make just one pullover; to make an overcoat requires the .



      Silk has the natural characteristics of light, soft, healthy and comfortable. It has been the people’s favourite fabric in the world for centuries. Silk has eighteen kinds of amino acids necessary for human body. It can promote skin cell vitality, prevent hardening of the arteries. Long-term use of silk fabric can prevent skin aging.



      Egyptian cotton, also called the Egyptian long-staple cotton, has the best reputation throughout the cotton world. For a long time, Egyptian cotton is used as the raw material of yarn and fabric of high strength, brightness and softness in textile industry. Egyptian cotton originated in India. When people took it to Egypt, people are surprised to find that the unique climate environment in Egypt makes it different with others.

      Extrafine Wools


      The most highly-prized wool comes from the Merino breed of sheep, which originated in the Mediterrancan basin and was introduced to Australia and New Zealand in the late eighteenth century where the animals have always been raised with dedication and innovative techniques that ultimately led to significant improvements in wool quality as well as production.

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